January 2nd, 2017 by Jeet

While traveling on a trip from Bangalore to Kolkata, it came to my mind – how about capturing the immediate areas preceding the Howrah railway station. Entering Kolkata on a train tries to show the life of people and scenes besides the rail tracks leading to Howrah railway station. The video was shot from the window of AC 3 tier.


December 17th, 2016 by Jeet

Recently our company’s annual day function took place at Templetree Leisure. Located at Bellandur it specializes as performance, parties, corporate events and wedding venue. The ambiance and style of Templetree Leisure comes with a touch of Bali.

Once I entered the front gate, I walked through bamboo shoots one the left hand side and lined palm trees on the right hand side. A nicely done long corridor led me to the party hall. On one end the performance stage was set and on the other end the drinks counter was set up. Besides the counter there is a room with two rows of seating arrangement and the diffused yellow light was adding to the feel. On one side of the main hall there is an open area which can be used for various activities. There is also a stage in the backdrop and looks like popular with weddings.

The property is very aesthetically built and has been given a minimalistic look. I could see a lot of wood work.

Ample parking space is available. I would give this place a thumbs up. Check their Facebook page and you will know it’s a high profile venue.


Templetree Leisure
128/8 Behind Embassy Tech Village,
Kannali Road, Bellandur, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560103
Bangalore, India



Phone: + 9190083 66700



December 6th, 2016 by Jeet

Carnival De Goa is located right at the intersection of Ulsoor road and Bhaskaran road. Refer the map below for more details.


Address: 1st Floor, 8/6 Kensington Point, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore

Timings: 12 Noon to 11 PM
Cuisine: Coastal – Goan, Mangalorean and Kerala
Alcohol available: Yes




As the name states Carnival de Goa wants to provide ambience and food of Goa. Lets see how much they stand on the ambience and food. When it comes to food it definitely has a Goa flavour but I would say it is coastal cuisine comprising Kerala, Mangalorean and Goan food. Ambience is decent with a open area sitting and section inside with AC. The servers serve wearing hawaiian Shirts and hats. Apart from that nothing like Goa. But I must add it is a cozy settings with dim lighting and candles on the table.

I visited there last Saturday with two friends and our main focus was food. We started with seafood platter which comprises 5 types of starters and rice gravy. Namely Indian Basha fish masala, mackerel fish, king fish, squid. Out of them Basha fish masala was outstanding. It was so tasty that we order Basha fish masala again separately. Tried fish kebab ( Indian Basha). Again an awesome item. The last item in starters was pork chilly fry. Umm tasty !!

Two of us went for Kingfisher draught beer 1.5 litres pitcher (Rs 520) which came in with 1 + 1 offer. My other friend had Smirnoff Vodka which also came with a 1 + 1 offer. Finally finished our awesome foodie evening with little rice and king fish gravy. I will visit this place again and it will be for the food.


Outside View of Carnival de Goa





December 1st, 2016 by Jeet

cantonment railway station

Indian railways has announced dynamic pricing for some exclusive trains like Shatabdi express, Rajdhani express and Duronto express. Before proceeding any further let’s first understand what dynamic pricing is?

Dynamic pricing, also referred to as surge pricing, demand pricing, or time-based pricing is a pricing strategy in which businesses set flexible prices for products or service based on current market demands. Businesses are able to change prices based on algorithms that take into account competitor pricing, supply and demand, and other external factors in the market. Dynamic pricing is a common practice in several industries such as hospitality, travel, entertainment, retail, electricity, and public transport.

Source: Wikipedia

As per this system base fare will rise by 10% with every 10% of berth sold subject to a ceiling of 1.4-1.5 times, depending on ticket class. It also puts severe restrictions on how you will do the journey. Check the salient Features of Premium Special Train on Dynamic Pricing:

• Premium special train is being introduced from Railway with dynamic fare pricing.
• Dynamic fare stands for the fare component which may be increased with the subsequent bookings.
• Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of this train will be a maximum of 15 days.
• Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in these trains.
• Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm as well as RAC passengers.
• Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed in this train.
• Upgradation option shall not be applicable in this train.
• Modification is not allowed.
• Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking.
• I-ticket Booking is not allowed in this train.
• E-ticket booking is allowed in General Quota only.
• Tatkal/ Ladies/Other Quota tickets cannot be booked in this train.
• No concession shall be applicable in this train.
• Identity card number of the prescribed proof of identity is required at the time of booking. At least
one passenger should travel with his/her ID card in original which was used at the time of booking.
• Vacant berths left at the time of charting will be offered for current booking at current booking
counters of train originating stations.
• Cancellation is not allowed. However, ticket can be cancelled only if the train is cancelled.
• Dynamic Fare along with Total fare will be displayed after filling Reservation form. Users must ensure
the Fare and Journey Details before proceeding for payment.

I experienced dynamic pricing first hand yesterday when I was trying to book a ticket for Yeshwantpur – Howrah duronto express. I did not find the name Duronto express in the list on IRCTC.co.in and I purchased the ticket on Yeshwantpur – Howrach AC express for AC 2 tier for Rs 1516. But the allocated berth was side upper, hence had to cancel it. The ticket was for a senior citizen. So if you must have a lower berth, select book only if one lower berth is allocated while booking your ticket. This way if lower berth is not available, your ticket will not be booked. Otherwise after booking you will have to cancel the ticket and in the process will also lose around Rs 250 on cancellation charge. The cancellation charge was increased to deter agents who bulk book and cancel. But it is also affecting genuine train travellers like me.

Then again booked on Yeshwantpur – Howrah AC express for AC 3 tier for Rs 1066. I had to cancel this ticket as well for change of date. Finally when I was trying to book ticket with the changed date, I found Yeshwantpur – Howrah Duronto express on the list this time. I prefer Duronto express for better service and less travel time ( 29 hrs). The amount flashed on the screen looked unbelieveable at first. Yes it was Rs 1965. Yes Rs 449 more than the AC 2 tier ticket I purchased earlier and Rs 899 for than the AC 3 tier ticket I purchased earlier. This is when 71 tickets on AC 3 tier was still available and the journey date is almost couple of months away. I take Indian Railway’s idea of dynamic pricing but should not that be fair? I also get that Duranto express runs better but does it provide a premium service to command that price. Note that the prices are for a senior citizen. The actual price for AC 3 tier I found on Duronto was Rs 3310. For that price I would prefer to look for a flight which will drastically reduce my travel time. For a AC 2 tier on Duronto, people would prefer a flight for that price. The less the pricing gap between AC berths on trains and flight, there would be more converts from train to flight. There should be fair pricing. If premium service is provided, then they can charge for it. They can use dynamic pricing on current premium trains but there should be a fair and decent cap on it.

November 27th, 2016 by admin

Gangarama Temple

Gangarama temple is a center of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist culture and learning. Located at the center of Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo, it is also popular with youth. Sundays see more visitors but you will get to see a more vibrant atmosphere there. If you would like to see the rituals visit in the morning but visit in the evening as well if you can as the lighting in the evening makes it ecstatic. I suggest you to plan your visit in the late afternoon that you can see Gangarama temple in both daylight and under night sky.

Timings: 5.30 AM to 10 PM
Museum ticket fees: Rs 100

Address: Gangaramaya, 61, Sri Jinarathana Road,Colombo 2, Sri Lanka
Website: http://gangaramaya.com/

Gangarama Temple

We reached there in the morning. After entering the temple premises saw two best of the vintage cars from the brand of Mercedes and Rolls Royce. Then we went to the museum which possesses a treasure trove collection of artifacts, historical timelines, currency collection from various periods, various Buddha idols, postage collection etc. Leaving the museum, we saw a white pagoda where people pray to Lord Buddha. Sri Lankan temples resembles a lot with south Indian temples in architecture and style. They light a lot of clay lamps and incense sticks. It makes for an awesome view. Here you can find Sri Lankan women with their beautiful saree paying homeage. Sri lankan saree wearing style is little different than India’s. The Bodhi tree is a sacred place and people offer their prayer. Ashok chakra which is the national emblem of India can also be seen there. Emperor Ashoka was a great proponent of Buddhism and helped spread it both within and outside India. I found people walking around the Bodhi tree with small pots of water and then emptying them on the feet of Lord Buddha.

Gangarama Temple

Gangarama Temple

There is also an idol of Lord Buddha inside the Beira lake on an artificial elevated platform. A wooden bridge leads to this place and on the way we found a sleeping Buddha. Once inside, we found few small idols of Buddha with a bigger one in the background. Two huge elephant tusks adorn them from both sides. There were few other statues of Buddha on both sides. On three sides of this place, metal statues of Buddha were placed in various ashana positions. One of the room had an inscription – Treasury of Truth but entry to that room was closed. The lake offers boating on swan like boats. There is also a cantilever bridge which allows people to walk from one side of the lake to an island. This section is very popular with youth and can be coined a lover’s spot.

There were some swans, wild ducks who swam and walked freely around the lake. It also has few variety of birds. Since Gangarama temple is located at the heart of the city and close to the central business district, one can see high rise buildings in the background like the Hyatt hotel, world trade center etc. Visit there with time in hand so that you can pray in peace, learn about new culture, enjoy some great views and stroll around in pleasure.

Gangarama Temple

November 22nd, 2016 by admin

With Bangalore’s dwindling green cover the wildlife in Bangalore is also receding. But in the heart of the city, our lane is pretty endowed with various wildlife. The lane do not have a single big tree. Though there are balcony gardens. I see a group of pigeons who have made this lane their home. I also see squirrels who have become permanent residents of this lane. The sparrow which has become a rare sight in Bangalore can be seen here pretty often. Crows visits frequently. I think they are also encouraged by the friendly nature of the human residents of the lane. I know of two family including ours who keep water and grains for these cute neighbours. I have seen even cats visiting to have water.

Few dogs also enjoy the benevolence of this lane. I know of people who provides them food everyday. In the process these dogs also became guards of this lane. Evolution process says – To adapt is to thrive. I take heart when I see these cute neighbours adapting to the concrete jungle. Simply saying they are writing their own survival story.

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