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Parsuram Kshetra is also known by the name Bhairo ka Math (temple). It is called Parsuram Kshetra (place) as Lord Parsuram is said to have lived here for sometime and did penance. The deity here is lord Shiva. Behind the linga (idol), are pictures of lord Shiva and Shiva – Parvati in tiles on the wall.

Outside also there is a Shiva linga near a pond. River Banas which flows through Kumbhalgarh, is said to have originated here. I was told this pond never goes dry. However, during my visit there, I saw river Banas was almost dry.

It is also called Bhairo ka Math as there is also a Bhairo devi temple on the left hand side of the compound. I was told coronation of the Mewar kings used to take place here.

Little away from here, my driver showed a cave on the face of a rock and myth has it that it was Parsuram’s.

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Kalpa Vriksha is located at the foot hill of Badal Mahal around 10 km from Kumbhalgarh. We visited in the morning. Hurriedly we went inside as it was drizzling then. Walk further and you will see the Kalpa Virksha (tree) first. Indian mythology says it is a wish fulfilling tree. People with faith comes here pray for their wish and tie read cloths on the trunks and branches of the tree. Side by side there is a male and female tree. There was coconut places all around the tree as offering. This tree also bears a green elongated fruit once in every 12 years. God’s grace I was lucky to see that. I was shown a Rudraksh tree as well there.

Fruit of Kalpa Vriksha

Next I was saw a miniature idol of Kamdhenu (the divine cow). Both Kalpa Vriksha and kamdhenu came out during Samudra manthan (harvest of ocean). It was done by the demons and Gods to get Amrit (drinks to achieve immortality). Besides there was a havan kunda (where yogya (prayer) is done). At the background was a big painting of Maa (mother) Durga.

This place was little different from other typical Hindu worship place.

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