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Devimane is a ghat which comes on the way to Murudeshwar or Karwar from Sirsi. It is located at a sharp curve on the hilly roads of western ghats. The surrounding is filled with thick green forest on the lofty hills. During early morning or in winter season this place will be filled with mist. Typically all tourist take a stop at Devimane. The view from here is excellent. We were lucky to get a clear view of the valley below. Just besides the road there is a devi temple. To reach there you will have to descend few steps. In front of the temple there is some vacant space, you can get a good view of the valley.

You can also see occasional wildlife like the Langur (Hanuman). These are a type of monkey which are bigger in size and have black hand, leg and face. Monkeys found in and around Bangalore are much smaller and have red face. The Langur I have seen at Devimane was similar to what I have seen in west Bengal. The only difference is Hanuman in West Bengal are little bigger in size.

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Idugunji is a small temple town located in the Uttara Kannada (North Canara) district of Karnataka. The town is surrounded by forest of western ghats. The temple receives huge number of visitors and is very popular in this region. It is around 15 km from Honavar town.

How to reach there: One can use KSRTC buses from Sirsi, Kumta, Honavar etc. On the way from Honavar town to Murudeshwar, on the left hand side you can see Iduganji temple arch, take left here and drive for another 4 km to reach Vinayaka temple.

Where to stay: Devotees can stay at Idagunji temple. Otherwise one should stay either in Sirsi, Kumta or Murudeshwar.

Where to eat: At Idagunnji temple. Free food is provided at Mayura Prasada Bhojanalaya. Otherwise Hotels or restaurants are not available. One can try highway dhabas.

Language spoken: Kannada. Hindi is understood and spoken.

Note: Photography is prohibited inside the temple.

We reached Idagunji Ganesha (Vinayaka) temple around 1 pm. It was very hot then and the sun was scorching. The temple typically closes around that time for the afternoon. We wanted to perform pooja so me and one of my friend hurriedly bought pooja materials (Rs 25). You will have to hand over the pooja materials to a person at the entrance of the temple. He will break the coconut and after draining the coconut water he will give it back to you as prasad.

The Idagunji Vinayaka temple is said to be more than 1500 years old. The Ganesha idol in unique as it has only two hands. The black colour is beautiful and is said to fulfill devotee’s wishes. The structure of the temple is typical Mangalorean style with small gombuz in the middle. There is some Hindu mythology associated with this temple.

You can buy local crafts like caps and Ganesha idol made of coconut shoots and fiber. The road leading to the temple are lined with shops. Try to bargain but they may not reduce much. As I bought one medium sized Ganesha for Rs 90 with just Rs 5 discount.

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Location: Unchalli falls is located in Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Distance: 30 km from Sirsi

Journey Time: Around 1 hour from Sirsi

How to Reach there: Best by private transport. You can hire a car or an Auto. You can also use public transport like KSRTC bus upto Heggarani and from there a few km of trek through forested land.

Route: Sirsi – Aminhalli (14 KM from Sirsi, on Kumta Road) – Heggarane – Unchalli Falls

Where to stay: There is no place to stay. One should stay either in Sirsi, Kumta or Gokarna.

Where to eat: No restaurants available there. However, a tea and snacks shop is there at the entrance. Have your food in Sirsi, Kumta or a road side dhaba.

Unchalli falls is also know as Lushington Falls as it was discovered by the then District Collector of British raj, J D Lushington in 1845. As part of my recent weekend trip I visited there. Not many people visit here, so you can spend time peacefully with nature and enjoy the sight of Unchalli falls descending from a height of 116 meters. This falls is formed by river Aghanashini which flows through thick forest. We reached there around 3 pm. From the entrance gate you will have to walk around 500 meters downhill in forest surrounding to reach the view point. There are two view points there. First view point gives you a birds eye view of the falls and surrounding forest. Besides the first view point there are newly built cement chairs where you can seat and relax. From the second view point you can get a closer look of Unchalli falls and the stream below. To reach the second view point you will have to descend through more than 100 steps. As the background is very nice, do take pictures of yourself. Do walk around and enjoy yourself.

We were wondering why there is no monkey and meanwhile a Langur appeared. One specialty I felt about this falls is when the water was cascading it looked like milk. The best time to visit the falls here is in the month of August. However, note that during monsoon be careful about leeches and snakes.

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Location: Yana is a small village in the hill ranges of Sahyadri of western ghats. It is located in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Distance: Yana is located around 400 km from Bangalore, 40 km from Sirsi, 25 km from Kumta, 50 km from Gokarna and 102 km from Hubli.

Journey Time: If you are driving from Bangalore directly to Yana then its about 10 hours drive. Bangalore to Sirsi will take around 8 – 9 hours and from Sirsi it is about 1 hours drive.

How to reach there: The best way to reach Yana is taking your own vehicle or hiring a vehicle. There is no public transport which goes directly to Yana. However, if you are looking for some extra adventure of some walking to Yana then you can follow the two routes provided by Dreamroutes. If you are visiting Yana, I suggest you make you base camp Sirsi, Kumta or Gokarna.

Route: 1. Sirsi – Kumta Road (10 KM) – deviation towards Hegadekatte – Devanalli – Yana

2. Sirsi – Kumta road – after Devimane ghat take deviation for Yana – yana

Where to stay: Yana is located inside forest and there is no place to stay here. I suggest you stay at your base camp like Sirsi, Kumta or Gokarna.

For Sirsi you can stay at Hotel Shivani or Hotel Samrat.

Where to eat: There is no hotel or restaurant in Yana. However at the parking place there are tea and snacks shop.

Yana is a small nondescript village located inside forest. So whats the specialty here? Well then you must see it for yourself. I can assure you that you have not see something like this ever. Here two rock formations rise from the bottom of the valley in peculiar and unique symmetry. The two rocks are known as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara (hill) and Mohini Shikhara. It is a geological wonder and definitely there might have been tremendous geological activity which have created them in the past. These two rocks are surrounded by green forest cover. The road leading to Yana is amazing as winding road flanked by green forests of western ghats gives a shooting effect to the mind. Yana become very popular after a Kannada movie was shot here.

Last weekend I visited Yana. We hired an Maruti Omni van from Sirsi. From the parking place in Yana, one has to walk around 500 meters after crossing a gate inside the forest to reach the two rock formations. Right in front of the larger rock formation there is a Bhairavi devi temple. One can take a round of the temple by taking the steps located on the left hand side and then going though the cave. It is a natural cave with mysterious stone formations inside. I checked one of the stone inside and it had traces of marble and granite at the same time. Another stone did not looked like stone at all, however looked like wood. The cave has holes at the top in some places from where Sun light sneaks in. The other end of the cave descends further down. From here you will have to hike little bit to reach the base of the temple. For doing this round and going to the temple one has to take off their shoes. Also, note that there are many beehives on the walls of the rock formations, so you are requested by the forest guards posted there not to make noise and not to use camera flash. If you have any query, you can ask the forest guards.

Tea and snacks shop is available here. I suggest you have tender coconut water here. Try to settle the cost before you buy.

Nearby is Vibhuti falls located around 7 km from Yana. But we could not visit there as our driver told that road is not good and we may have to push the vehicle at places. So we did not go there and proceeded to Unchalli falls.

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Recently, I have visited Sirsi as part of our visit to other places. It is located at a distance of 425 km from Bangalore and takes an overnight journey of 9 hours to reach there. To tell you about Sirsi – it is a small town located in the Uttara Kannada (North Canara) district of (Malnadu region of) Karnataka.

I stayed at Hotel Shivani located on the outskirt of the Sirsi. The first floor room in which we stayed, we got a amazing view of sunrise the next day morning. Each room has balcony in the front from where one can get a good view of the sunrise. The sun was rising behind a coconut tree. Now lets check the beautiful sunrise pictures.

These pictures has been taken by Cannon SX130.

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For quite sometime I was thinking of starting a project of capturing important and popular landmarks of Bangalore along with iconic buildings. God willing this project will start shortly. However, yesterday morning as a precursor I went out to capture the early morning mood of my area. I shot the tree lined double road, Indiranagar, the portion of CMH road between 100 feet road junction and CMH hospital and the upcoming metro on CMH road. Check the pictures below.

The first rays of sun on CMH road in between 100 ft road junction and CMH hospital

CMH road in between 100 ft road junction and CMH hospital

Double road, Indiranagar near BDA complex

Double road, Indiranagar near BDA complex

The Metro rail viaduct on CMH road near HDFC bank

The Metro rail viaduct on CMH road near HDFC bank

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