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There are various modes of transportation one can use to see Goa. There are the public buses but they are infrequent to many places and do not provide end to end connectivity. Group sightseeing packages are pretty economic but do not give you the freedom to choose your destination and time you would like to spend. At the higher end of the cost spectrum are the cars and SUVs. But with a sense of freedom and without pinching your pocket, two wheelers are the best way to go around in Goa.

We hired our two wheeler at the end of the first day in Goa. We went for the gearless Honda Activa for its riding convenience and as it looked brand new. The rental per day was Rs 300 and we had to keep our pan card as security. You may contact Angelo & Francis Rentals for bikes, cars and taxi services on hire. The address and phone number are as follows:

Behind Casa Serverina H # 229 D, Senhor Francisco Road Gauravaddo,
Calangute, Bardez, Goa
Mobile: 9822161579 / 9975711879 / 9503328867

Please note if there is any damage to the bike they will ask you to pay for it.

The narrow roads of Goa gives a sense that it is best for two wheelers. It actually gives you wings to go around in Goa in leisure. From north to south Goa is all of 105 km in length and 60 km in width. So it is quite comfortably navigable on two wheelers. Our biking experience in Goa let us completely realize monsoon masti (fun). As we rode though the unique country side, backwaters and rice fields of Goa, rain kept us company on and off. At times we had to take pit stops due to rain. Our hiring of the two wheeler let us cover many places in leisure.

Looks like helmet is not mandatory in Goa and found most people driving without helmets. But our rental agency asked us to use helmet if we go long distance. But the helmet she provided was no good. However, do ask for a helmet to keep one handy. I would leave you with this bottom line – if you are going Goa, biking experience is a must!

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I say “Beaches are always romantic”. But what if one is sitting at a serene beach at midnight and moon is dancing down on the other side of the horizon? Well I say that is “Icing on the cake”! That was what my midnight sojourn at Calalgute beach, Goa.

Most popular beaches are very happening in the day and continues to be in the evening. But once the crowd leaves and the beach is engulfed in dark. The darkness is only broken by some twinkle rays of distant light in the background. In this serene setting the silence is only broken by the sound of waves which keeps hitting the shore like musical notes. In the distant sea horizon, some twinkling lights were visible. They should be some fishing trawler or ship. I sat there after my dinner, watching the moon shining with silver colour rays and the Arabian sea reflecting the rays in equal intensity. It was a treat to the eyes. An experience, I never had before. Later, as a true monsoon outing the clouds started playing hide and seek with moon.

I sat in front of Hotel Park Calangute. Through my time spent there, I felt it is safe to venture out there at midnight. However, do not go to very isolated places. For women, please do not go out alone. However, you may sit in front of your hotel premises.

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