November 12th, 2016 by Jeet

runnr,food ordering platform

Recently the Indian government ordered the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. By 10th night I was out of cash. Searched all the ATMs around but only encountered NO CASH scenario. So out of no choice I thought of trying online food ordering apps. I download the Runnr app from Google Play. Using the app seems to be pretty simple. You would need to sign-up using your name, email address and phone number. Following this you will receive a verification email in the provided email address. You should also be able to verify using a call / OTP option from the app.

Now you will be directed to the restaurants or food outlets screen. Here you can select a restaurant from the Top Picks or recommended section or scroll down to look through a large list. Also, if you know the restaurant name, you can use the search box to lookup directly.

runnr,restaurant,online food ordering platform

I selected Danny Lamba’s Punjabi Dhaba located at BDA complex, Indiranagar. The time quoted was 30 mins and I was fine with that. Delivery is free for order value of over Rs 200. Rs 20 will be charged for order of less than Rs 200. It is simple to make payment. They have four options:

  1. Card
  2. Cash
  3. Net Banking
  4. Wallet (my wallet powered by Citrus, Paytm, Mobikwik and FreeCharge)

Looks like they save your card details after the transaction for future ease of use. If you are not comfortable, you can delete your card details from their server. Besides the card number, click on settings on the right hand side and click on Delete. Soon I received an email on the order confirmation which included the order ID and delivery time. Few minutes later received a SMS stating the restaurant has started preparing your order and a runnr will be assigned shortly. I was also delighted to find that it is possible to live track the delivery person. Also, it is possible to call the delivery person directly from the app. Then again received a SMS stating a delivery person (name and phone number given) has picked up the order and you will be receiving it soon.

runnr,online food ordering platform

At 1.05 PM the delivery person landed at my lane and handed over the order. On my first order, they were able to meet the delivery time they quoted. I think Runnr is not associated with the packaging of the food, they just deliver. Today afternoon again I ordered from the same restaurant but they took 1 hour to deliver against their quoted time of 30 mins. I received a call from them stating one of the item I ordered is not available and offered to replace with another item. That is ok. However, I think Danny Lamba’s Punjabi Dhaba should have intimated me earlier once they have received the order. On the website I see there is a merchant login option, so I think the restaurants get intimated when the order is placed. If it does not work this way then Runnr should make some way to intimate the restaurants about the order the moment it is placed. I was told by the delivery person that one item was not available and he had callback for this. The app allows you to rate your experience on the order and I did justice to it.

Overall, I am happy with the service. Online food ordering platform like Runnr opens new roads of revenue for restaurants and convenience for users. It is because of them I am able to have lunch for the last two days sitting right in the convenience of my home. This kind of services will go a long way to take our country to a cashless society. Roadrunnr acquired TinyOwl and rebranded as Runnr.

October 30th, 2016 by Jeet

Ramakrishna Math at Old Madras road, Ulsoor is a island of peace, tranquility and spirituality in the otherwise increasingly traffic jam marred city of Bangalore. Most festivals like dussera, diwali etc are observed here. Diwali as the festival of light gives a enchanting looking to the already beautiful ashram. This diwali we visited Ramakrishna Math at Ulsoor. A lot of devotees were there and the main mandir was packed. Everyday evening an aarti (prayer) takes places. However, on festival a much more decorated one is done. During Diwali some people do Lakshmi puja and some people do Kali Puja. I am mentioning this to let you know that Ramakrishna was a devotee of goddess Kali and it is a very special day at Ramakrishna Math. The way to the main mandir, the way to the Vivekananda statue and surrounding areas were lighted with lamps and candles. The pedestal of the main temples was decorated with lamps and rangoli.


Vivekananda Statue, Ramakrishna Math, Ulsoor

Ramakrishna Math, Ulsoor

Inside the temple, a photo goddess Kali was put besides the photo of Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and Sharada devi. A beautiful saree was adorned on the photo of Sharada devi.  We sat inside and listened to what is mostly called shyma sangeet (songs on goddess Kali). After the aarti, prasad was distributed. It looked like a kind of haluwa and it was tasty. Meanwhile, some people got busy in photo session. While coming back home, I tried Ola auto for the second time and found out that they charge a convenience fee of Rs 20 over and above the actual meter.

Ramakrishna Math, Ulsoor



At home Gopal dressed in all glitters.



Happy Diwali to all readers of Travelingbeats.

October 21st, 2016 by Jeet

On Navami we decided to have prasad at Bengali Association Durga Puja, Ulsoor. This pandal is near to us and we thought we can spend some time there. To go there I booked an Ola cab. After booking I called the driver to make sure he is aware of the route. Then minutes later I see a cancellation notice. I was disappointed. I booked another Ola cab. I called the driver to check how much time he might take to reach. He said he is near Baiyappanahalli railway station and there is some traffic. It may take around half an hour’s time. He said if you can’t wait that much time you can cancel through the app. I said there will be charge for that and asked him to cancel. The driver said there will be a charge for him and that I need to cancel. I did not wanted to go over that anymore and simply cancelled the booking. The service graph of Ola has been going down continuously for quite some time.  Also, the drivers now innovatively playing around with the Ola system.


Then we started our endeavour to look for an auto. I say endeavour as it is not easy to hear an auto driver say yes to your destination quickly. We tried more than 10 autos then we were able to board one. At Rs 55 we reached RBANMS ground. After entering the ground we noticed there was a huge line for the lunch. As we stood in line, I was hearing a discussion about food coupon. One women asked a gentleman that if food coupon will be required. The gentleman replied yes and without that lunch won’t be served. The women was furious that the pandal is taking money to serve food (prasad). But I have seen they do not deny food or prasad to anyone even without coupon. One visitor was saying he do not have coupon and if coupon is required. The man at the gate just said no problem, please come. Inside they served khichdi, vegetables. dal, papad and payasam. The food was tasty.

After food we went to the section where goddess Durga idol was kept. We took few pictures and then sat there. Meanwhile one of our brother came. He fed us chicken and veg roll. The stall in which he ordered, the cost of one chicken roll was Rs 150. The shops besides had a cost of Rs 80. Promptly he cancelled and ordered the one with Rs 80. A chicken roll costing Rs 150 looks preposterous. A kilo of chicken would come in that amount! Then we went for little food walk around the stalls. A gulab jamun cost Rs 20! Was happy to see tea in mud cups. Lastly the walk was closed with a sweet pan in the mouth.


We sat in the ground and chit chatted. Looked around and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Around 6 PM we went to the section where Bollywood singer Anwesha Dutta Gupta was to perform. We booked sit for our self. The program was supposed to start at 7.30 PM but it started well past 8 PM. She sang both Bengali and Hindi songs. She sang both old and new songs. When she sang Manna Dey’s Laga chunari mein daag, the performance of the tabla player (Shomu da) was awesome. He received all round applause. We left little before 10 PM before the show ended. Outside it was chock a block traffic. After reaching the main road I tried to hire autos who were quoting Rs 300 – 400 for around 3.5 KM. What can I say apart from God bless them! Then tried to book Ola cab but nothing available.  So took chance with auto on Ola. Was able to book one. Called and spoke to the driver who said he is on the side of Lavanya theatre. He said he will not be able to come as there was huge traffic. I asked if it is walkable and started walking towards Lavanya theatre. After a short walk, we boarded the auto. At Rs 80 we were home.

October 16th, 2016 by Jeet

Durga pujas which takes place in various parts of Bangalore are quite a distance apart. So on the day of Ashtami, we hired a car to see the pandals. An Etios sedan for 8 hours – 80 KM should not cost more than Rs 1000 but for the last moment booking I was ok with Rs 1200. Overall I am happy with that amount as the driver was good and well versed with the routes.

kundalahalli Durga Puja 2016

We started our tour around 4 PM and headed to Kundalahalli durga puja. In Kundalahalli, the puja takes place at VSR Convention Hall or Kalyana Mantapa on ITPL road.  I have been visiting this puja for few times now. It do not get that crowded but have decent amenities in place. The highlight of this pandal is the beautiful idol of goddess Durga.

Sarathi Trust Durga Puja koramangala

Then we headed to Koramangala. From 2015 I am noticing that two durga pujas taking place under the name Sarathi albeit in a little different name – Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust and Sarathi Cultural Association. The puja by Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust takes place at Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, 80 Feet road, Koramangala. For visitors apart from doing darshan of goddess Durga, this place is a foodies paradise. Good food outlets / restaurants setup their stalls here. Prices are little bit on the upper side but you will be happy with the food you get to eat here. You will also be happy to hear that free parking facility is available. After parking our car, first we went for darshan inside the Kalyana Mantapa. Then it was feast time. I noticed that Royal restaurant of Kolkata has opened a stall here. Other two members went for veg paneer roll (Rs 100) and I savoured non veg chicken roll (Rs 100). I also went for a chicken stick (Rs 100) which was very tasty. I would say this is one of the best Durga Puja in Bangalore and given that it takes place at a prime location like Koramangala, the pandel could be pretty crowded. They also organize good cultural / entertainment programs over the 4 / 5 days of puja. Upcoming bollywood singer Anwesha Dutta Gupta performed here this time.


Next we went to Sarathi Cultural Association puja. To reach there we had to walk little bit. This puja takes place on a ground besides Koramangala 80 Feet road park. The idol of goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesh were very beautiful. There were not much food stalls and the cutlets we had were not that great. However, this pandal manages to get good artists to perform. This time they had Bhoomi, a Bengali band which specializes in folk songs. Earlier, I had never heard Bhoomi’s songs but one of our accomplice pointed to Bhoomi after seeing their lead singer Soumitra Roy who was doing sound check on stage. Bhoomi’s performance was very entertaining with songs like Lale Laleshwari, Sohag Chand etc. That day our plan was to cover Kundalahalli puja, Koramangala, Palace ground and Bengali Association grand puja in Ulsoor. To watch Bhoomi’s performance we cancelled visit to Palace ground. After Bhoomi’s performance there was a huge rush at the exit. I feel the organisers should anticipate such situations and should have plans in place to manage better.


Around 10 PM we left Koramangala to reach RBAMNs ground in Ulsoor for the Bengali Association Durga puja. As expected there was traffic on the road leading to the ground. So got down from the car and walked little bit to reach the pandal. There dhunuchi dance performance was going on. This is dance done with incense in front of goddess Durga. One of the boy did a awesome performance.  This is the biggest and best Durga puja in Bangalore. It is said to have around 15000 to 20,000 foot falls on the days of puja. There are huge arrays of food stalls. One can also find stalls for imitation jewellery, builders, amway etc. They provide lunch on the days of puja. One can buy coupon in this regard but I have not seen them telling no to people who do not have coupon. Also, it terms of entertainment they get the some of the best people to perform. This time they had Anwesha Dutta Gupta on Navami. Last year they had Cactus. We left the pandal around 11 Pm and reached our house by 11.30 PM. Been a very entertaining and satisfying day. Thank you Maa Durga.


At Sarathi Cultural Association Durga puja, Koramangala


RBAMNS ground, Bengali Association Durga puja, Ulsoor


Anwesha Dutta Gupta performing at Bengali Association Durga puja, Ulsoor

Watch some videos:

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September 21st, 2016 by admin

Durga Puja our biggest celebration is becoming a even more quieter celebration for me. This year I came to know about the date after my mom told me about it. These days in Bangalore, a number of public Durga puja celebrations takes place. This first time I went to one of the venue was on Ashtami to pickup my mother from there at night. However, I did not go inside (not sure why). On Navami, in the afternoon went to the 12th main, Defense colony, Indiranagar Durga puja venue for pushpanjali. This time their preparations seemed to be better in terms of people management and systems. In quick time I was able to perform pushpanjali. Most puja pandels have foods stalls and outside this venue some Lumbini women selling their artifacts. I was there for sometime and came back home.

In the evening around 5 pm went to the RBMNS ground Durga puja venue near Ulsoor lake. This is probably the biggest puja in Bangalore and is conducted by the Bengali association. Inside the venue went to the pandel. After offering a prayer, tried clicking snaps. But as usual it is very tricky to click a good shot at an event in India. A photowalk was also organized by the BLR Photowalk team there. Met some of the photowalk members there. This venue almost resembled like a mela (fair) with food stalls, product stalls and various people selling artifacts. The organizers should be able to retrieve a good percentage of the money they spend on the puja from these stalls as rent.

Without doubt the food stalls are good and is a hit. One can find some authentic Bengali food here. To start with I tried chicken momo and chicken lollipop from a stall run by a Nepali/Tibetian. The man was very enthusiastic in calling customers and he was doing so in Bengali. However, his helpers were slow in delivering and exchanging money. Nevertheless, the food stuffs at his stall was tasty. Then went to try prawn lollipop. 6 pieces for Rs 150. Tummy was almost full. So went around walking and smelling around food stalls. Finally around 7.30 pm left the venue with reminiscences of Durga puja at my native where the four days of the puja used to be a feast. Not even a single moment to spare.

Father son duo at venue

Balloon seller at the venue

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September 4th, 2016 by admin

Bangalore Metro Phase One

Traffic situation is famous in Bangalore and we all know. What I want to show today is, how to get around it. Let me share with you about my recent trip to Hyderabad, where I needed to board the Rajdhani express from Majestic railway station at 8 PM. But I had only about an hour in hand to reach there from Indiranagar.  I was thrilled as I had never traveled on a Rajdhani train. But this time cramp made me worried thinking if I will be even able to board the train. The complete route of this train is from Bangalore to Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin station). The train showed 11h 35m to complete the journey for a distance of 707 KM. This made me to think, is this Rajdhani little slow! However, I was looking forward to journey. I was planning to board the train from Cantonment station of Bangalore. However at around 6 PM I noticed that there is no stoppage at Cantonment station and I will have to board at Majestic railway station. It was a Friday and the evening rush hour make it impossible for me to board the train within that time. Then the thought of Metro train came to mind. At that moment, Metro train was only real option of boarding the train. We left house and boarded an Auto for Indiranagar Metro station. Rushed through the checking and proceed to the platform. At 7.25 PM we boarded a Metro train and in flat 20 minutes reached Majestic station. While leaving the station, my mother’s Metro card was on low currency and had to be topped up. This ate few minutes. Now starts the run!!

After coming out of the Majestic Metro station, we had to walk little bit and take the subway to the railway station. The subway had quite a few steps on both ways and the rush was not easy for her. But she did an amazing run for her age and knee pain she has. when we reached the station building, there were only 6 minutes left. I quickly found that the Rajdhani express leaves from platform number 8 which is on the other end and makes my run longer. We quickly got on the overbridge from platform #1 and kept moving. Platform #8 was in sight and the red train, typical of a Rajdhani train was still there. However, after bending back my mother was not in sight. I waited a minute but still no sight of her. I started moving back to look for her. At that moment the only thing reigned on my mind was are we going to miss the train after reaching here. At that time hardly 1 minute left. Suddenly, I saw she was climbing the stairs for platform # 6. She called for me and I asked quickly come over, ours is the next platform. I showed her the way and rushed towards the platform. Now, I am right in front of the train and the a gate two to three meters away. Mom quickly climbed down the stairs. I quickly helped her to board the first compartment we saw and then I boarded with the luggage. We boarded a 2 tier AC compartment, where as our ticket was for a 3 tier compartment. We had to walk almost 10 compartments to reach our seats. We boarded this way as we can walk through the train to reach our seat. We took a sigh of relief after sitting on a seats. It was a bit of negligence on my part and I thoroughly apologize to my mother. Also, I thank god for taking care of this.

Metro train as mass rapid transport system for Bangalore is certainly a big boon. As of now the east – west corridor is complete and small section from Mantri Mall to Peenya is running. It is already making a difference by enabling people to reach destination quickly. Once  the entire project is completed, it will be a huge enabler for citizens of Bangalore.

Bangalore Metro Phase One

Bangalore Metro Phase One

Note: This pics were taken on an earlier ride on metro.

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