January 30th, 2012 by admin

From Hemakuta hill, we went to Sasivekalu (mustered seed) Ganesha, situated on the southeastern slopes of Hemakuta hillock. This 4 armed monolithic Ganesha statue is 2.4 meters high and is enclosed in a open pillared pavilion. The statue seated in half lotus posture bears a tusk, goad, noose and bowl of sweets in its four […]

January 27th, 2012 by admin

Virupaksha temple as seen from Hemakuta temple Hemakuta hill is located besides the grand Virupaksha temple in Hampi. We need to take the left lane in front of Virupaksha temple to hike to the top of Hemkuta hill. This completely stone rock has a number of small temples scattered all over the hill. Achuta Raya […]